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Meg Mac

Matter Of Time (White LP)

Retreating to the stillness of the countryside in 2020, ensconced within her new natural surrounds Meg started work on what would become her most personal, powerful songwriting to date. As opposed to her pre countryside scrapped album, the most important thing this time around would be “to mean every word I sing, to not have anything in the back of my head when I’m singing where I don’t totally love it.”

“I wanted to just start again and do everything without compromise.” On Matter of Time, she’s finally there. “I needed a switch up to find the love for music again and it worked,” she says. “Now for the first time, I really feel in control.”

1. Is It Worth Being Sad
2. Only Love
3. Understand
4. Something In The Water
5. Letter

6. On Your Mind
7. Matter Of Time
8. Don’t You Cry
9. Lifesaver
10. Head On The Pillow